Alaina Vacco

Alaina Vacco, PA-C, is a Physician Assistant for mental health care and wellness of adults

Alaina Vacco, PA-C, is a Physician Assistant for mental health care and wellness of adults and adolescents. She believes in a collaborative approach to emotional and mental well-being. This is accomplished through counseling, nutrition, medications, mindfulness, and other modalities that enable people to achieve their greatest levels of healing.


Alaina Vacco was inspired by this collective approach after working with patients in family medicine over the past decade and realizing that one’s mental health is key to their overall physical well-being. Her work alongside therapists and other psychiatric providers helped her see how her patients benefitted from multiple layers of support. Seeing this idea organized and available to patients all in one setting inspired her to transition from primary care into the mental health realm. 


Alaina Vacco holds a master’s degree in Medical Science from Midwestern University, Glendale Campus with a focus on bioethics. She earned her bachelor’s degree from The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with a minor in English studies. She also worked as an EMT-B and trained those hoping to earn their license as well.

Professional History

After her graduation in 2012, Alaina Vacco started her role as a Physician Assistant in primary care in Avondale, Arizona. This was one location of three clinics she worked with across the valley. She went on to stay in family medicine until 2021, helping manage chronic disease states, cardiovascular disorders, acute illness, mental health, and preventative medicine for all ages. She has occasionally guest lectured at local PA programs and helped proctor standardized patient sessions. Just recently, Alaina changed gears to focus on the mental and emotional aspects of her patients’ healing. She now works with Mental Health Center of America in Phoenix, Arizona where she coordinates care plans, manages medications, provides nutritional recommendations, and more. She works with therapists, psychologists, and other providers, all aimed at improving and supporting her patients’ mental wellness. 

Personal Interests

Alaina Vacco originally hails from Illinois. She currently resides in the east valley of Arizona. Beyond the clinic, Alaina enjoys writing, photography, and painting. Her favorite movies include The Naked Gun, Airplane!, and Sgt Bilko. Her favorite two authors are Stephen King and Allen Eskens. She loves watching TV reruns of The Golden Girls and Scrubs.

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