Individual Counseling And Psychotherapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative process between you and your therapist. People seek therapy for help with issues that are hard to manage alone and have become obstacles to their well-being and optimal function. People who feel ambivalent or conflicted about their circumstances or simply want to engage in a process of self-exploration may find therapy helpful. Some people engage in therapy for a brief amount of time, others stay in therapy longer. Many people find therapy an enjoyable process and a beneficial exploration of their life circumstances.

What is the cost of Individual Counseling?

  • Individual Counseling ($175+)

* MHCA participates in a wide variety of health plans to serve our patients. If you have any questions related to health insurance acceptance or covered services, click here for more information.

Our team at MHCA is composed of highly qualified mental health professionals including Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. We understand that arriving at the decision to enter treatment for your mental health needs may not have been easy. We will ensure a safe and compassionate space for you to explore your innermost thoughts and processes. The number and frequency of sessions will depend on various factors. Typically, sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis for 45-50 minutes at a time. As the situation and circumstances may warrant, we may recommend more or less frequent sessions. Your therapist will provide you updates on progress in treatment and ongoing treatment recommendations based on your needs and goals.

Our therapists use evidence-based techniques and interventions to help you feel better and attain your goals. These may include Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational Therapy, EMDR, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Interventions. Most importantly, our team of therapists will choose an approach to treatment based on your individual needs and goals.

As you and your therapist navigate through this process you can expect to become more self-aware and gain increased insight leading to a positive shift in your view of yourself, others, and the world around you. You may also benefit from learning new skills and improving your way of coping with your emotions and your life situation. You will likely find that as a result of this collaboration, your mood enhances, and your relationships strengthen.

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