Psychological Assessment

At MHCA we specialize in providing expert-driven, comprehensive psychological diagnostic assessment to get a thorough understanding of your mental function, the challenges you are facing as well as your personal strengths and preferences. You can think of a psychological assessment like any other medical test, where the goal is to assess whether a diagnosis is present, gather data to support the diagnosis, and develop the most effective treatment approach to optimize your function, and get you out of unhealthy emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns.

After you submit the initial intake form, our wellness staff/case manager will reach out to you to schedule your psychological assessment. Most of the assessment will be conducted through an interview with a Clinical Psychologist who will ask you various questions about your life and situation. You may also be asked to complete supplemental questionnaires. Our goal is that you will feel safe, heard, and understood from the very start of services. Based on the results of the assessment, the psychologist will create a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan highlighting your individual needs and goals and connect you with the proper services. You will meet with the psychologist for a treatment review session which will take place a few days after the psychological assessment. During this visit, we will go over your recommended plan of services and introduce you to the team of experts that will be working with you. We work hard to connect you with a multidisciplinary team of experts who will work collaboratively to provide you with a customized care plan to enhance your healing and wellness. When MHCA may not be the most appropriate place for you to seek services, we will make appropriate community referrals.

The MHCA philosophy is that an accurate and in-depth assessment of your mental health is pivotal in order to understand what you are going through and get you on a path towards increased health and wellness.

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