Dr. John Mansoor

Dr. John Mansoor, PsyD is a licensed clinical health psychologist who works primarily with adults to develop a heightened sense of awareness and improve their ability to manage their problems effectively. Dr. John believes that good therapy is founded on a trusting, collaborative therapeutic relationship and works with patients to find a treatment approach that makes sense.


Dr. John was described by friends and family as a therapist long before he went to graduate school. He was inspired to become a psychologist so that he could better understand human experience, and his passion is to teach others the skills he has learned along the way so that they can take control of their own lives.


Dr. John holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Midwestern University as well as an undergraduate degree in psychology and marketing from Grand Canyon University. Dr. John completed his doctoral internship in upstate New York with the Rochester Institute of Technology and Rochester Regional Health Hospital where he worked with adults in a community mental health setting. He also completed his post-doctoral fellowship with Recovia, treating adults with a combination of substance use, chronic pain, and mental health issues.

Dr. John is formally trained in diagnostic psychological assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, and biofeedback. His main goal is not to cure his clients of their problems but to help them learn how to manage their symptoms effectively so they can live a meaningful and satisfying life

Professional History

Over the years, Dr. John has provided services in a variety of environments including community mental health, partial hospitalization/intensive outpatient (PHP/IOP), and outpatient settings. He also has a passion for program development and has collaborated with other professionals to create programs for dual diagnosis substance use and mental health disorders in PHP/IOP settings and improve protocols for screening and data collection.

Dr. John’s research interests include understanding the dynamics associated with ingroups and outgroups through Terror Management Theory, enhancing the therapeutic relationship by helping clients determine their theoretical preferences for psychotherapy, and understanding complex symptom presentation over time using the network theory for mental disorders. He hopes to eventually specialize in multimodal treatments for adults suffering from grief and chronic pain.

Personal Interests

When he is not busy at the clinic, Dr. John enjoys reading non-fiction books on psychology, economics, philosophy, and politics. He also spends his free time playing piano, traveling, playing chess, and enjoying the company of his wife and two pets (Nora and Zoey). 

Dr. John’s favorite Movies include:

  • The Game (1997) 
  • Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (2004)
  • The Matrix Series (1999 – 2021)

His Favorite Books and Authors include:

  • Anything by Paulo Coehlo
  • The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker
  • The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

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