Individual Counseling And Psychotherapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative process between you and your therapist. People seek therapy for help with issues that are hard to manage alone and have become obstacles to their well-being and optimal function. People who feel ambivalent or conflicted about their circumstances or simply want to engage in a process of self-exploration may find … Read more

Couples Counseling

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Couples counseling is a form of therapy that can help you and your partner navigate relationship challenges and learn new ways to strengthen your relationship and communication. Couples counseling addresses a variety of relationship issues such as communication struggles, feelings of disconnect, infidelity issues, sexual concerns, and helps you explore your areas of conflict. People can … Read more

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a form of therapy where a small group of people meets under the guidance of a therapist on a regular basis (i.e. once weekly) to discuss challenges, interact, and explore ways to cope better. Members of the group will interact with each other and the therapist, provide feedback and support to each … Read more

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