Robert Palechek

Robert Palechek, BSHCA, Paramedic, Wellness Associate. Robert provides holistic therapies for patients such Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Infrared Sauna sessions, Cold Plunge and Red-Light Therapy. These therapeutics create a positive physical change for patients, which supports their mental health progress. Robert understands the relationship between physical and mental wellbeing. 


Robert was inspired to pursue holistic health through the experience he had while working as a first responder. He noticed that illness has a compounding effect and adding another medication seemed to be the only answer.

“Responsive health care is important, but preventative healthcare is where we can really make an impact on the quality of people’s lives”

– Robert Palechek


Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

After working as a first responder, Robert began working at Revive Health Clinics as the Director of Operations. Now, Robert is the Wellness Associate for Mental Health Center of America in Phoenix, where he aids people in their journey to mental and physical wellness.

Professional History

Over the last six years, Robert has experienced working in Emergency services, Biotech, Preventative healthcare, and holistic healthcare, and garnered the respect of clients, patients, and his peers.

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