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Dr. Kristen Northup, PsyD, MSW is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with adults and adolescents from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Northup helps individuals utilize their own strengths and internal resources to achieve mental wellbeing and increased life satisfaction. Dr. Northup believes that empathic and accurate care are essential to help individuals feel better and feel empowered through their care.


As an Arizona native, Dr. Kristen Northup has had the privilege to work alongside various community members through professional, personal, and volunteer opportunities. Dr. Northup has been inspired by the positive mental health outcomes for community members she has observed through her professional line of work.


Dr. Northup holds a doctorate degree in psychology from Midwestern University. Additionally, Dr. Northup holds a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University. Dr. Northup has volunteered through various organizations, including the Central Arizona Shelter System and the American Red Cross.

After graduation, Dr. Northup completed her residency at Mental Health Center of America (MHCA) in Phoenix, Arizona. At MHCA, Dr. Northup primarily treats adolescents and adults through individual psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and creating individualized treatment plans. Dr. Northup has also focused on the assessment and treatment of first responders. Dr. Northup also performs comprehensive diagnostic psychological assessments to help individuals receive proper diagnosis and care.

Professional History

Over the last several years, Dr. Northup has trained and worked in various settings, including a rehabilitation hospital, corrections, and private practice settings where she performed disability evaluations, neuropsychological testing, and psychotherapy. Dr. Northup is also a co-chair and active member of the Arizona State Psychological Association. Dr. Northup’s research projects have included examination of self-harm events and assessment of gaps in mental health care in Arizona to improve care.

Awards and Recognition

During her time as a doctoral student, Dr. Kristen Northup was awarded the honors medallion by the international honor society in psychology, upon graduation with her master’s and doctorate degrees. In 2022, the Arizona Psychological Association awarded Dr. Northup the Distinguished Contribution to Advocacy Award for her work in patient advocacy. 

Dr. Northup completed a publication for her legislative work within the first few months of graduating with her doctorate degree. Dr. Northup has also written various s contributions for local news and articles for community members, including topics such as trauma and trauma-informed care, the impact of social media on mental health, the mental health benefits of exercise, and mental health treatment for young adults.

Personal Interests

When Dr. Northup is not busy at work, she enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time outside, bike riding, spending time with family, friends, or her dog. She also enjoys a good meal with good company.

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