Carlos Williams

Carlos Williams LMSW, is a therapist. who works with youth, individuals, groups, couples, families, veterans, those considered SMI, addiction issues, mature aged adults, different cultures, different backgrounds by utilizing CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Brief-Focused, Solution Focused, Existentialism-meaning/purpose driven, Spirituality/Christian therapy, crisis therapy, strength-based, person centered, Trauma Focused CBT, Substance use therapy, and Cultural Competency. Carlos believes in assisting you on your journey of wellness, tranquility, and action towards allowing yourself to be who you truly desire to be.


Carlos holds a Master’s Degree in social work from Arizona State University. Carlos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Leadership from Brigham Young University. Carlos has started a doctorate degree as well.
After graduation, Carlos began working in Phoenix as a therapist/case manager for Phoenix VA hospital to provide behavioral health services to veterans. Now, Carlos has been working as a therapist/clinical director in Phoenix/Scottsdale area where he serves clients with substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders.

Professional History

Over the last 30 plus years in the mental health profession, Carlos has garnered the respect of clients, patients, community and fellow doctors/clinicians by providing efficacious, empathic, mindful, and use of sense of humor types of services.

Personal Interests

When he is not busy as a therapist, Carlos enjoys studying spiritual concepts, reading, gaining knowledge, exercising, and watching/playing sports. Carlos enjoys comedies, movies, and music.
Carlos’ favorite movies include: Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Dune. His favorite books include: The Four Agreements, Conversations with God, Emotional Intelligence.

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